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Why Having A Good Antivirus Cybersecurity Suite Is A Requirement

The internet is full of people and most of them just want to be entertained, buy things or hang out on social networks.

But the sad truth is, the amount of people online who are out to take advantage over others, is increasing.

Cybercrime, scams, deceptive/phishing ads, credit card or identity theft are on the rise and have reached levels that we haven't seen before.

The Time Of Automated Hacking Is Already Here

Back in the 90's or early 2000's hackers were a rare breed, and most of them were actually good guys who were simply interested in how things work, and how to "hack" them.

Nowadays there are sophisticated tools that allow attackers, even without any kind of programming knowledge, to take over another persons computer or mobile phone.

Those kind of tools are also easily obtained online. With very little effort on the side of the perpetrator, tools able to deliver viruses or function as keylogger to record everything a person is typing.

Today anyone with even just a smidgen of technical knowledge, can become a cybercriminal, if they so choose...

More Dangerous Threats

As if it wasn't enough that literally anyone can use tools like the above mentioned, without having to be an expert.

The far more dangerous cybercriminals are those, who actually are expert programmers.

Todays technology allows a simple laptop, or small server to run coordinated attacks, scan millions of IP Addresses per hour for open ports or known vulnerabilities, automatically execute hacks for vulnerabilities their scanners found in router software and so forth.

You as a person, do not even have to be targeted specifically anymore.

It is enough if you slip in with all the other millions of potential targets that automated bots uncover, by the above and other more sophisticated methods.

Signs That Your Device Is Infected

Let me pull this tooth right away, most viruses, trojans or malware have no immediate signs.

The entire reason someone went through all the work creating this thing, is to do whatever it's job is, in secret.

Of course there are other forms of malware, that were explicitly created to be "loud" and "flashy", lock your computer screen with some form of payment demand. These are called ransomware and are an entirely different form of malware, undoubtedly also extremely dangerous.

Some hackers also create malware for their own devilish entertainment, when let lose these things have only one goal: destroy the host system as much as possible.

What it comes down to:
It's impossible to deduct that a system is infected simply by looking out for "specific" behaviors.

If you have an Antivirus Suite on the other hand, you would receive an alarm and the virus, trojan, malware or ransomware would already be contained when you hear about it.

How Can I Really Protect Myself?

The best protection for yourself is to never connect to the internet without having a complete Antivirus and Security suite.

It does not matter if you are using macOS, Windows, Linux, Android or iOS. Any form of software has vulnerabilities and if targeted, can be hacked.

Browsing and using the internet (i.e online banking, emails etc) without any kind of Antivirus Suite, is literally the worst thing you can do.

To give you an example, a few months ago I flashed my router and installed Open-WRT on it. Then I opened the SSH port on default 22, disabled the web-ui on port 80, so I can use it from abroad via terminal shell. In a matter of just a few seconds I already had automated bots knocking at my door, trying to login using password lists. Of course I had disabled password login via SSH and only allow login with my SSH key...

But this shows just how much automated scanning is happening, any second, everywhere. That's why utilizing Antivirus Software, is really a requirement.

Owning a good security suite has got you covered on the privacy front and then also gives you additional benefits, like for example:

  • Pop-ups & Ads Blocking
  • Tracker Blocking
  • Password Management
  • Integrated VPN
  • Realtime Phishing Warnings

As you can see: Antivirus, Firewall & Cybersecurity software is not just something for people who don't know better, it is a vital requirement for anyone who wants to protect their privacy.

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Author Elliot Sharpe
Written by Elliot Sharpe
Elliot loved technology from an early age. Nowadays he travels the world, while running his IT & programming businesses from the road as a freelancer. Elliot is an avid runner and his favorite thing is running along a coastline in the early morning.