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Welcome to our list of the best Screen Cleaners available on the market. We've tested how to achieve the best and longest-lasting cleaning result for LED/LCD TV screens, laptops, tablets as well as smartphone displays.

The product of one company surprised us the most, as their results were far superior. The screens looked like new and it took quite some time, for dirt & fingerprints to again find hold on the display material.

This product is also the cheapest, which shows that you often just pay for the name of a bigger brand, without gaining any additional benefits.

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Here's Why Screen Klean With Nanotech Is Our #1

Nowadays there's not a lot of hours in our daily lives, where we're not staring at some computer or smartphone display.

A dirty screen does not only look sloppy, it also makes it harder to see.

But nobody likes cleaning, I know I don't... I have better things to do than constantly cleaning everything around me. So personally, I think if I already make time to clean it should not just look clean, but also stay clean for as long as possible.

Those points are important to me and I wanted to find out which product gives me a result closest to these requirements.

Screen Klean, was the one that stood out the most and delivered not only on the cleaning front (They all clean of course, some do a better job than others), but also when it comes to how long it takes until the display needs another round of cleaning.

How Does It Work?

You have a nice grip with screen klean You have a nice grip with Screen Klean

Screen Klean is the only product to my knowledge, that uses carbon-based nanotech.

Just like they do at NASA, have you ever wondered why Astronauts helmet visors are always so extremely shiny & clean? I know I did, now I know why.

The carbon nanotech makes use of an advanced physics principle, to literally lift the dirt & grime off your screen.

During the swiping motion, the carbon molecules of ScreenKlean's carbon pad, get stuck in the microscopic interstices and leave an even, smooth surface behind that dirt can not so easily stick to.

This of course won't last forever and at some point your screen will become dirty & grimy again. It does take a good while longer than with any of the wipes & sprays we've tested.

Screenklean, can be used for TV (LCD + LED) displays, smartphone displays, laptop displays and of course also tablet displays.

It comes with an included travel case that you can easily put in any pocket.

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Written by Elliot Sharpe
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