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Tired of your video calls freezing, slow download speeds or areas where you don't have internet at all?

The answer to these problems is a WiFi Booster, also called a WiFi Extender or WiFi Repeater.

If you want to have amazing WiFi reception and blazing fast WiFi speeds in your home, this list is for you!

We've reviewed the best WiFi Boosters, ranging from well-known brands to smaller startups.

One WiFi Booster in particular stood out and none of the others came even close.

In terms of speed increase, WiFi signal strength, ease-of-installation & pricing, this WiFi Booster came out on top.

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What Does A WiFi Booster Do?

WiFi routers work by emitting radio frequencies. In the same way that a portable radio can have bad reception, your wireless internet can have too!

What a good WiFi Booster does is to increase the strength & range of your signal, which has two effects:

  1. You will have much better reception throughout your entire home.
  2. Your internet speeds will soar like crazy, because the speed is dependent on the signal strength.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth at least 2000.

See how wifi speed is drastically increased by using a WiFi Booster:

Video borrowed from ExtendTecc website

Here's Why We Ranked ExtendTecc WiFi Booster #1

I have personally used & tested a lot of WiFi Boosters / WiFi Extenders, however you want to call them.

Most do an okay job, but are quite hard to set up or just stop working at some point. Most of the time the fix for that would be, to reset the entire device and set it up again from scratch.

So naturally, I did not have big expectations when I purchased the ExtendTecc booster.

After testing it in my own home office though, all the reservations I had are now gone. The ExtendTecc WiFi Booster is actually doing its work as I type this review.

The before and after, measured in a wifi dead spot. The before and after, measured in a WiFi dead spot.

Installation Of The ExtendTecc WiFi Booster

After ordering three boosters, it didn't take very long for the package to arrive.
It was delivered completely intact and very well packaged.

Installation Steps:

  • I unpacked the devices
  • Plugged each into an available outlet in my home office, living room and basement.
  • Pressed the setup button on the front of the devices
  • Waited ~20-30 seconds until all lights turned green

That was it, nothing more to do.

The wifi extender started to turn on instantly, you just need to plug it in for it to start working The WiFi extender started to turn on instantly, you just need to plug it in for it to start working

Testing WiFi Signal Range & Download Speed

After the quick & easy setup of the devices, I was able to use my mobile phone with a speed test app to verify that there were indeed no more weak spots.
Any location in my building that had slow wifi before, was now super fast and I got full 5 bars.

WiFi Signal extended now until the pool area in my backyard where I had zero bars before.
Even in my Garage, which is in another building, had now full bars and full download speed.

Facetime, Zoom etc.
Video calls are absolutely fluent, no more buffering, lagging or dropped connections.

Netflix & streaming
Before ExtendTecc I had a really hard time finishing a movie because it would often buffer.
Now? It's like I got a new internet connection. Netlifx and other services load much faster and I have had zero problems streaming so far.


Plugged in and after around 30 seconds all three lights turned green Plugged in and after around 30 seconds all three lights turned green

Pricing & Value

ExtendTecc usually sells for $99, which is in my opinion already a very good price for the value you're getting.

ExtendTecc have a limited time sale where you get the WiFi Booster with a 50% discount, which makes this the best value-for-money product I have bought in a very long time.

How To Buy ExtendTecc

If you also suffer from spotty WiFi and slow download speeds, I recommend you try ExtendTecc.
You can easily buy the WiFi Booster on their website, which is also where you will get the 50% discount applied at checkout for a limited time. They offer a 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee, so just give it a whirl and see for yourself how fast your internet can be!

How do the discounts work?
ExtendTecc offers a discount based on purchasing volume, the more boosters you buy the more you save.

As a rule of thumb I would say you need 1 WiFi extender per room that you would like full WiFi speeds in. This works best and gives you the biggest possible boost.

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