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Welcome to our list of the top earbuds for this year. We've reviewed a range of the most popular earbuds, from the most popular brands to some smaller up-and-coming brands.

We found that the best earbuds this year were made by a small startup that blew the bigger brands out of the water. In terms of sound quality, usability, design, battery life and pricing their ear buds came out on top!

Their wireless earbuds, also have the lowest price, noise-canceling, the latest bluetooth & jaw-dropping sound, which shows that you often pay more just for the name of a brand.

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Here's Why We Ranked BurstAudio #1

There are many wireless bluetooth earbuds on the market today and they all come with different prices, sound quality, and other features.

It can quickly become overwhelming to choose which one to buy.

I've tried all the wireless earbuds available over the years. There are many options, from cheaper earbuds to really expensive ones like the Apple AirPods Pro.

Even the most expensive brands can have poor battery life, make your ears feel sore or suffer from bad sound quality.

The latest earbuds I've tested are called BurstAudio. BurstAudio have thousands of five-star reviews all over the internet and are in high demand.

The Look & Feel

The charging case with earbuds, fits easily in any pocket The charging case with earbuds, fits easily in any pocket

When I opened the charging case for the first time, I immediately saw that these earbuds are indeed of a high quality.

That, plus they also look incredible. Other earbuds I had over the years were bulky and caused my ear to hurt after a while, or they had some other "design features" I wasn't too happy about.

The BurstAudio earbuds though, look super sleek & modern and have a transparent casing on one end, so you can see the actual tech inside. Very cool!

The Nitty Gritty

The small button for touch control, is very easy to find while wearing the earbuds. The small button for touch control, is very easy to find while wearing the earbuds.

Look & feel, check. It's a pair of super cool & modern wireless headphones.

But, what about the setup, sound quality and battery life?

As soon as I took the earbuds out of their charging case they showed up in my smartphones Bluetooth settings.

All I had to do was click "connect" and everything was done automatically in about 10 seconds.

I positioned both earbuds inside my ears and they immediately fit perfectly.

Since these headphones have smart noise-cancelling included, I gave them the quick "finger snapping" test right next to my ear. All I was able to hear was a dull thudding sound.

I was beginning to get excited, if the noise cancelling already is that good, how well will these headphones perform when I put on my favorite jam?

So, now it was time to put these earbuds to the test, the sound test!

The Sound Test

After demonstrating an impressive ability to reduce outside noise, I was now very excited to listen to some music.

Let's just say, I was not disappointed when the first notes were playing. I have a surround system at home, which was quite pricey but well worth the money.

I'm hesitant to say that these headphones have a superior sound quality to my surround system, but they really do.
I was blown away.

The sound is extremely crisp & clear, with an amazing bass.

The Battery Life

I have been using the BurstAudio earbuds for quite some time now in my daily life.

Their battery life is off the charts, I can easily listen to music all day long, have a couple of business calls and then hit the gym.

Most of the time when I come home around 8pm, there's still enough charge left that I could probably go another half-day without charging them.

Waterproof & Sweat Resistance

As an avid Gymgoer, I shower twice most of the days. Once in the morning, and then once in the early evening after I'm done with my exercises in the gym.

Since I own the BurstAudio headphones, I have been using them every day in the gym and I deliberately kept wearing them when I hit the showers.

I had zero issues doing that so far, their Ipx5 rating also allows for showering.

I used to own a pair of Apple Airpods, which funny enough, did not like water at all!

Where To Buy BurstAudio Earbuds

The earbuds come with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and BurstAudio currently offers a limited promotion where you can get a 75% discount.

If you're looking for a great set of earbuds with studio quality sound, I highly recommend the BurstAudio buds.

How The Discounts Work:
BurstAudio Buds offer a limited-time only discount, based on purchase volume.

I.E: If you buy a pair of earbuds for your entire family of 4, you'll save 75% on each pair of BurstAudio Buds.

This is a deal too good to pass up and will defintely not last very long.

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