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We strive to help visitors make informed decisions. Without them having to jump through hoops, visit lots of links, click a thousand times and filter content to get to the information they are looking for.

We found that presenting information in highly targeted shortlists works best. Enriched with follow-up content for those who wish to take a deeper look at the material.

Whenever we create a shortlist, it starts out with a rough idea about the type of product we think could be interesting. Each shortlist goes through various steps in a cycle, before it is then finally deployed to the live website.

Each Cycle involves:

  • Deciding on an interesting market to create a new short list for.
  • Finding the top products, manufacturers and companies in said market.
  • Gathering information for each product, from all over the internet.
  • Buying products to test in-house, not all products we list were purchased by us though.
  • Researching each individual product:
    • How is the customer service experience
    • How positive/negative are the reviews
    • How is the brand reputation and overall customer satisfaction
  • Preparing what we found, bringing it all together in the form of written reviews.
  • Assigning an internal ranking of products, from best to worse according to our own impression.
  • Proof-reading, editorial checks.
  • And finally, uploading everything to our live site.

This cycle is then repeated in irregular intervals, which is important to keep all of our shortlists maintained and the information therein as up-to-date as possible.

Please note, the ranking of products can change for various reasons. One possible reason is simply that the product performs well for us, in a monetary fashion.

Even though as a company and website we earn money from our reviews, we still strive for absolute transparency and reserve our editorial integrity. What we write is what we feel, and has nothing to do with whether we're being paid.